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Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Recovery Technology’s Dialectical Behavior Therapy program is designed to help individuals with Borderline Personality Disorder build a life worth living. Participants in DBT attend a weekly skills training group targeted toward learning new ways to deal with common life challenges. In group, participants learn and practice coping skills to improve emotion regulation, increase their ability to manage stressors, enhance awareness of the present moment and increase the likelihood of having positive interactions with others.

Participants in DBT also participate in weekly individual therapy sessions that assist them in identifying patterns of behavior that lead to dissatisfaction with life. Therapists assist participants in changing self-harmful behaviors and behaviors that interfere with having a life that they enjoy. Therapists also help participants keep motivated as they work toward their goals. In addition, therapists also offer their clients telephone skills coaching targeted toward applying skills learned in groups to real-life situations.

DBT includes:

  • Assessment and treatment planning to enable optimum functioning
  • Individual and group treatment interventions
  • Emotion regulation and symptom management
  • Interventions to decrease readmission to inpatient care
  • Coordination of mental health and medical health care
  • Interventions to promote health