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Batterers Intervention Program

Recovery Technology’s Batterers Intervention program is available for men and women who have committed or exhibited violent, abusive, or controlling behavior in their relationships and want to put an end to it. The goal of our Batterers intervention program is to help participants learn to eliminate violent, abusive, and controlling behaviors from their relationships and contribute to ending the cycle of domestic violence. Through our groups, participants can learn alternative, healthy, non-abusive ways to deal with their emotions.

Our BIP program is a twenty-six or fifty-two-week program that coordinates closely with referrals from the Jackson County legal system, although a batterer may attend the program voluntarily. If a batterer is referred to our BIP group by the courts, attendance and completion of the BIP are monitored. Our BIP program is in full compliance with the Batterer Intervention Standards for the State of Michigan, using the nationally respected Duluth Model.

BIP sessions emphasize:

  • Identification of physically abusive behaviors and recognition of other abusive and controlling acts
  • Acceptance of responsibility for one’s own behavior
  • Realization of the destructiveness of these abusive acts
  • Elimination of these destructive acts through the use of alternative behaviors
  • Maintenance of the new behaviors through reinforcement and practice
  • Recognition of the difference between emotions, thoughts, and actions
  • Developing the skills to express and communicate feelings and emotions effectively and non-abusively