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Anger Management

Anger is a completely healthy, normal human feeling. Anger becomes a problem when it is expressed inappropriately. The goal of anger management is to help individuals experience and express anger in healthy, non-destructive ways. Anger Management can help reduce the emotional intensity and physiological arousal that anger causes. You can not control other people or situations, but you can learn to control your response. Our Anger Management program is a twelve-week series of cognitive-based sessions done in a group setting. Our group educates you on what anger is, the causes, and the triggers behind it, and most importantly prepares you with some ready action plans the next time a confrontational or stressful situation arises. The end result is that you will become more in control of your feelings and emotions rather than the other way around.

Participants will learn to:

  • Understand, recognize and appropriately respond to normal angry feelings
  • Improve judgment and impulse control
  • Practice effective stress-reducing strategies including relaxation techniques
  • Problem solve through increased communication skills
  • Experience less conflict with others