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SPRAVATO® is the first prescription nasal spray, taken with an oral antidepressant, for adults with treatment-resistant depression and depressive symptoms in adults with major depressive

Batterers Intervention Program

BIP is for men and women who have committed or exhibit violent, abusive or controlling behavior in their relationships and want to put an end


Assertive Community Treatment/Integrated Dual Disorder Treatment promotes independence, rehabilitation and recovery, and in doing so prevents homelessness, unnecessary hospitalizations and other negative outcomes.

Anger Management

Helps individuals experience and express anger in a healthy, non-destructive way. Anger Management is a twelve-week series of cognitive based sessions done in a group


Helps people deal with stress, anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, impulse control, and other problems they may be experiencing. The goal of therapy is to help

Case Management

For adults and children with Mental Illness, Substance Use Disorders or Intellectual Disabilities. The goal of Case Management is to promote recovery by assisting clients

Psychiatric Services

Psychiatry is a medical specialty dealing with the prevention, assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of mental illness. Our psychiatrist use appropriate psychopharmacologic and psychotherapeutic techniques