IDDT – Integrated Dual Disorder Treatment

Something that makes the Recovery Technology’s ACT/IDDT treatment stand apart from others is its use of Integrated Dual Disorder Treatment (IDDT) in concert with ACT. IDDT is a new way of providing treatment to individuals with both mental illness and substance use disorder. IDDT integrates mental health and substance abuse interventions by the same team, working in one setting, providing individualized treatment and rehabilitation for both disorders in a coordinated fashion. That means both disorders are addressed at the same time with the same team of clinicians.

Research has shown that having meaningful activities, social supports, safe housing, and a supportive therapeutic relationship to be strongly correlated with consumers’ efforts to reduce substance use. IDDT is superior to nonintegrated approaches in producing positive outcomes in a variety of domains such as substance abuse, psychiatric symptoms, housing, hospitalization, arrests, functional status, and quality of life.

Our interventions are tailored to the consumer’s stage of treatment and readiness for change (e.g., motivational interviewing for consumers in persuasion stage of treatment), as well as other clinical and personal characteristics.

Effective treatment for dual disorders is based on the core components of:

  • Integration of services
  • Comprehensiveness
  • Assertiveness
  • The reduction of negative consequences a long-term perspective (time-unlimited services)
  • Motivation-based treatment
  • And the availability of multiple psychotherapeutic modalities

IDDT embraces the recovery principles of:

  • Offering hope in a welcoming and supportive atmosphere
  • Providing stage-wise interventions (meeting you where you are)
  • Integrating psychiatric services, therapy, groups, and case management for both disorders
  • 24/7 availability
  • Assertive outreach
  • Encouraging individuals to define what success means for themselves and their families, and offering support with those goals.

Each of these components represent a different dimension of integrated treatment; together, they result in effective treatment for consumers with dual disorders. The Recovery Technology ACT/IDDT team is renowned in the field for its program implementation and success.