Case Management for Children

With Child Case Management, Recovery Technology LLC is able to assist families in identifying and meeting a wide range of needs for their child with a mental health diagnosis.

Recovery Technology LLC’s children’s and adolescent services include assessment, referral, linkage, monitoring and advocacy. Case management enables parents to become informed about resources and to be able to effectively advocate for their child. Case managers work with families to develop individualized service plans to identify and meet needs in areas including therapy, psychiatry, behavioral services, educational advocacy and consultation, social/recreation, coordination of treatment teams and plans, accessing benefits, and support and guidance.

The target population is from infant through age 18 who have a mental health diagnosis and reside in Jackson County.Case managers meet with families in home, school, and community settings on a regular basis to develop service plans and meet goals. Children and adolescents exit the case management process when parents feel comfortable about going forward on their own.