BIP – Batterers Intervention Program

Our certified Batterers Intervention Program (BIP) is a twenty-six week series of interactive group sessions that teach offenders alternatives to coercive, controlling and abusive behavior in intimate relationships. Our priority is to ensure safety for the partners of group participants while working to end domestic abuse by creating a culture of deterrence. BIP is an integral tool in the Jackson County’s coordinated community response to domestic violence that focuses on accountability from the batterers with a priority on victim safety.

Our BIP groups are available for both men and women with programs that are designed to address each group’s special needs in a supportive environment. Our BIP program coordinates closely with referrals from the Jackson County legal system although a batterer may attend the program voluntarily. If a batterer is referred to our BIP group by the courts, attendance and completion of the BIP are monitored.

Certified facilitators using the nationally respected Duluth Model conduct our Batterers Intervention Program (BIP) groups. The group process is compassionate but not colluding. BIP participants are encouraged to take full responsibility for their behaviors.  The BIP group works to change controlling abusive behaviors teaching how to develop relationships based upon equality.

Group Attendance Rules

Group Rules