Anger Management

If you are struggling with your anger issues and are willing to work towards a solution, take heart, you are not alone, the right  anger management program is going to get you there.  Our Anger Management Program is a twelve-week series of cognitive based sessions done in a group setting

The right anger management program can become a life changing and powerful tool for you in dealing with your anger issues. For people who are in constant struggle with their negative emotions and inability to deal with anger, it is all the more important to join an anger management class.

Our anger management program basically educates you on what anger is, the causes, the triggers behind it and most importantly prepare you with some ready action plans the next time a confrontational or stressful situation arises. You will learn about both the positive and negative sides of anger and how they affect your life. Instead of struggling with getting rid of anger directly you will learn how to redirect anger towards other suitable targets.

Our anger management lessons bring you to gradual but certain positive changes. Our program teaches strategies for recognizing anger and provides healthy constructive avenues for the expression and management of anger.  We help you discover yourself more deeply and help you to become more aware of your feelings and emotions and what triggers your anger. The end result is that you will become more in control of your feelings and emotions rather than the other way round. Our techniques help most people rediscover the balance in their lives.

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